I was a journalist intern for The New Scene Magazine and I covered dating in Fort Collins and local music news.
In honor of National Pizza Day last Friday (Feb. 9), I created a date good for any day: a pizza by the slice tour of Fort Collins. My date for the night, Lindsey Roberts, and I went to the following restaurants serving the best food on earth: Slyce, Pizza Casbah, and Cosmo’s Pizza. Read more here . . .
Valentine’s Day is the day for the most important woman in your life: your mother. Your mother that has given everything for you. Your mother that raised you to be a gentleman. Your mother that will always be there to comfort you and say that any girl would lucky to have your heart. Read more here . . .
A Jedi-Master has emerged to bring new hope to Rhythm and Blues (R&B). He goes by the name of Miguel, and he is a Skywalker. Miguel meets all of the requirements of an R&B Jedi-Master with his works from his new album “War and Leisure.” Read more here . . .
Screenshot of Liverpool Football Club's Member's Site showing the Cardiff City Match Report
Cardiff City Match Report: Published on Liverpool Football Club's Member's Site
I won a match report contest held by Liverpool Football Club (LFC) for the Cardiff City against Liverpool game on Oct. 27, 2018. Only official members of LFC can see the link, so the entire article is below.
I woke up at 8 o’clock in the morning to watch my Reds in America. I got out of bed carefully, conscious of waking my girlfriend, and turned on the game. I put in my headphones and climbed gently back into bed. Finally, I was all set to watch the Anfield faithful sing You’ll Never Walk Alone

I hummed quietly along, and soon after it’s time for kick-off. Liverpool came out of the gates with an intense desire to dominate Cardiff. Anfield was quick to erupt to a Mo Salah goal. The Egyptian King was back to his goal scoring best with his fourth goal in three games! I must have yelled slightly too loudly “get in there!” as my girlfriend rolled over with a grunt, but that’s okay ‘cause the Red Men were winning. 
The Reds continued to boss the possession throughout the first half but could not find a way to get the ball in the back of the net again. At halftime, I became slightly concerned that we did not get that second goal, and with the way Liverpool came out in the second half, that concern grew. 

My palms began to sweat as I rubbed them together nervously. Cardiff were growing in the game, and Liverpool’s sloppy passing was not helping. Then all of a sudden, the net was nearly ripped off its post from an absolute thunderbolt from Sadio Mane! Like the net I jolted from Mane’s strike … shortly after I was left with no covers.  

Even though I was a little cold, I could take sigh of relief as the Reds have not conceded in the league at Anfield since West Ham did last season. So the win was obviously in our hands … or at least that’s what I thought. Cardiff clawed a goal back from an unlucky deflection.

However, Cardiff’s goal was their biggest mistake of the game because that triggered a furious response from the Reds. Two lighting quick attacks started by the effervescent Mo Salah and finished off by Big Shaq and Mane saw the Reds up 4-1. The thrilling excitement had me wired with pride and positivity. Liverpool were back to their free-flowing best with an added grit and determination I have yet to see as a Liverpool fan.

When the final whistle went, and I threw some Klopp fist pumps into the air! I closed my laptop and crawled back under the covers full of joy, and I started to dream of what those mystical Anfield nights must be like in person.

I also have a few articles on my Medium that started my dating beat in Fort Collins.
Love the standard? Then, stop reading. Hate the mundane of fluorescent lighting? Good, this is for you!
In order to make a date great, it has to be unique. Dare to imagine. Create an unparalleled and unforgettable experience. Read more here . . . 
When most think of romantic comedies, a sense of joy and positivity comes to mind. This charisma does not have to stay in the movies. I created five dates inspired by romantic comedies, and took them to the streets of Fort Collins over the course of five days. Read more here . . .
Fishing for More Time is the clincher of my transmedia story on my father.
It is a surprisingly warm autumn morning and it is time to go fishing with my dad, Michael Forbes. I arrive to his house slightly late because of traffic, but it is okay, we are in no rush.
Like always, he asks me if I have everything that I need, and like usual I have forgotten something (an extra pair of shoes today). A few slightly disappointing grunts later, we move on to packing the car. Read more here . . .

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