I have a radio show at 90.5 FM KCSU Fort Collins called Cats & Slacks. I cohost the show with Chiara Garland and we produced a two part podcast series called Talks with Mom and Dad: The Place Where Generations Reconnect. In the series we interview my mom and Chiara’s father about when they were our age. Through the podcast we reconnect with our parents and realize our generations are not that different after all.
This is the second installment of the two part series Talks with Mom and Dad: The place Where Generations Reconnect with an interview with my mother.
My father, Micheal Forbes, has been a motorcyclist for all of his adult life. Hear his motorcycling journey, which includes racing the Pikes Peak Hill Climb during Jan. on a dirt track. However, the most important part of his journey has been his love for Harley Davidsons. For more on my fathers story go to the multimedia website about him here . . .  

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