Whole is the first short film I have directed, and it was created as a part of the 2021 Make More Everything Challenge in Fort Collins. The basis of the challenge was for a newly assembled team to create the short narrative film in one week. Whole went on to win the audience choice award of the challenge and be an official screening at the 2021 Horsetooth International Film Festival (HIFF).
This short film about where your food comes from was published on Planet Foward and was in collaboration with the Colorado State Center for Science Communication.
The music video for Oh, Colorado was created by myself and Chiara Garland. I was the cinematographer and co-editor for the project. Oh, Colorado was an official selection of HIFF 2021.
Lasting Embers explores the lasting impacts of wildfire in Colorado after the devastating 2020 fire season. This is the first documentary I have directed and edited, and it sparked the creation of the environmental communication production company WUI Productions. Lasting Embers was also an official selection in the HIFF.
As part of a series of videos I edited and directed for Colorado State University's (CSU) Environmental Learning Center (ELC), this video takes a light-hearted and humorous approach to birding at the ELC.
This experiment with Super 8 film takes the audience on a journey from San Francisco to Los Angles.
This interview with Russick Smith took place during the 53:14 Music Video Festival. I was a part of the Mattbox 70 team that filmed Smith's music video for "Élan En Miraflores" that was completed in 53 hours and 14 minutes. The video clips that are not interview are from the music video.
Tessa Hoenig is affectionately called "Tess the Mess" by her friends for a good reason!

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